Written by Jacob Huddilston

Story by Jacob Huddilston and Ellie Anne Margolis


Newly promoted as a New York Times reporter, Jennifer Mullins is sent to her home town of Dayton, Ohio to interview a young girl in a psychiatric hospital that was accused for the murder of her family. As Jennifer uncovers the truth behind the girl's disturbing story, she slowly falls into the shadows of her past demons that she's suppressed for so long.


Delirium is a suspenseful, terrifying observation of the psychology of one’s grief; the penultimate torture that brews when denial and regret blend within the human mind.



"5 out of 5 stars...absolutely astonishing. It holds you in it's grip from beginning to end..."

--Lawrence W, The Chicago Reader


Julia Henning as Jennifer Mullins, feat. Mary Lumley as Molly and the Asylum Players as the Patients.

Asylum Players' production of Delirium. Studio 2A--The Den Theater, Chicago, IL. Fall 2014


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